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In car WiFi :. WiFi on wheels

mugiBox connect your car to internet safely and help you drive smarter, more affordable and much more social

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In car WiFi expected to increase eight fold over the next seven years say IMS Research

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WiFi in the car … and wherever you want

In addition to connecting to the vehicle, you can also use mugiBox as a portable high speed 4G WiFi router on your hollidays, to work or even at home.

In car WiFi

How it works

You can easily install mugiBox in the OBD connector.

  1. Connect the WiFi router mugiBox to car OBD socket
  2. One minute later, automatically connect to the Internet using your mobile operator SIM card
  3. Ready! Do you have Internet access for vehicle and passengers.

It’s a unlocked router, and works with any international mobile carrier. It’s portable, you can take it wherever you want and you can also connect to the computer diagnostic OBD (built-in in all type of vehicles) and connect the car to the cloud.

In car WiFi

WiFi Hotspot

mugiBox is a mobile 4G wifi router that turns the vehicle into a hotspot
There are two WiFi networks in the car:

  • private WiFi, secure and protected to connect to internet your personal devices and vehicle gadgets (radio, webcam, etc..).
  • public WiFi , a customizable hotspot for passengers very useful in shared vehicles like taxis, buses, rental cars or carpooling. Passengers connect through a web page, the same method used in public wifi hotspots at airports and hotels.
In car WiFi

mugiCloud Apps

mugiBox connect your vehicle to the cloud using our open connected car platform mugiCloud.
All data sent from each mugiBox is stored on the cloud, and anyone can develop innovative telematic applications for the connected car like vehicle diagnostic, vehicle location and tracking, managed WiFi hotspot, remote control (windows, heating , engine, etc..), maintenance alerts, eco-driving and social applications.

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About us

In car WiFi The mugiBox idea was born driving on holiday around Europe. We were always looking to connect our WiFi devices in coffee shops and campings to avoid the high roaming prices. We thought it would be a great idea to have WiFi always in the vehicle. And -why not?- it could be connected to the vehicle diagnostic computer OBD and develop innovative telematic applications to manage the connected car from your smartphone.

is a tech startup, led by professionals with over 15 years experience in telematics and internet.

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